Health and Safety


We have put specific measures in place to ensure the safety of our employees and our guests. On a daily basis, we are working to ensure that we meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning.

Cheerio Resort and Farm
Covid-19: Health and safety requirements

1 To reduce risk and improve the effeciency of Reception, all accommodation will have to be paid in full before arrival
2 Where possible/appropriate, screening information should be supplied in advance
3 Guests will be required to comply with all protocols relative to the level of lockdown/risk assessment, in particular the wearing of masks and social distancing on arrival
4 The most important of these protocols are screening on arrival, social distancing and wearing masks BUT are not limited to these
5 Common areas such as the swimming pool, games room, childrens' play area will not be accessable under level 3 of the lockdown
6 Cottages are free standing and separate from each other with dedicated parking
7 Cottages will befully sanitised before the arrival of guests
8 There will be no cleaning or laundry service available to guests
9 Guests showing symptoms of Covid-19 on arrival will not be allowed accommodation and will have to abide by the relevant health/isolation/testing protocols
10 Guests showing symptoms of Covid-19 during their stay will have to abide by the relevant health/isolation/testing protocols

Staff General
1 These instructions apply to all employees
2 All employees will sign a copy of this directive to confirm that they have ben trained in, understand and will comply with these instructions
3 All employees will stay at Cheerio Farm and will not leave the premises under any conditions without first receiving the approval of the owners
4 The employer will assist the employees with transport to the village to purchase food etc. but social distancing, masks etc. will be a requirement
5 Before the commencement of work each day, employees will be screened at the main house. Masks and social distancing will be compulsory
Employees will stay at distances as marked on the path while this screening is taking place and will wear their masks
The work day screening will consist of:
5.1 - Temperature measurement
5.2 - Confirming their situation relative to the following symtoms:
5.2.1 - Sore throat
5.2.1 - Continuous DRY cough
5.2.3 - Intense pain
6 5.2.4 - Can't breath properly i.e. short of breadth
7 Any person failing the screening test will not be allowed to work and will be self isolated and their condition reported to the necessary authorities for further medical testing etc.
8 Self isolation will be in the employees room or a separate room that will be provided for this self isolation
9 Self isolation will contine for at least 14 days or until some medical action is taken
10 Screening results will be recorded daily
11 Employees will each be issued with 2 masks and must wash the one worn at the end of each day

Cottage cleaning
1 There will be no cleaning service provided to guests
2 Cottages will only be cleaned when guests have left or before they arrive
3 To ensure social distancing, cleaning of cottages will be on the basis of only one person being allocated to cleaning a cottage
4 This allocation will be done each morning after screening
5 PPE will be provided to cleaners and MUST be worn before entering a cottage and while working
6 This PPE must be removed before returning to staff accommodation at lunch time and/or after the end of work for the day
7 PPE clothing will be regularly washed in the laundry
8 Soiled linen is to be placed in laundry bags and taken to the laundry
9 Cleaning staff may not enter the washing or clean linen areas of the laundry.
10 Linen for washing is to be placed on the table in the laundry delivery and collection bay for removal by the LAUNDRY ATTENDANT
11 Clean linen to re-place soiled linen will be placed BY THE LAUNDRY ATTENDANT in the laundry delivery collection bay
12 Floors, including showers, are to be washed with a cleaning solution containing disinfectant
13 Internal refuse bins will be emptied into the external refuse bin
14 Baths, basins, toilets and refuse bins are to be washed with a cleaning solution containing disinfectant
15 All surfaces, door and cupboard handles and appliances are to be wiped down with disinfectant
16 Headboards, bedside tables and shower doors are to be wiped down with disinfectant
17 Crockery and cutlery are to be washed in hot water with the correct detergent
18 Laundry bags, cleaning cloths, dish towels etc are NOT TO BE USED in another cottage and must be sent to the laundry for washing
19 External refuse bins will be epmtied by the gardening staff when a cottage has been cleaned and exited by the cleaning staff

1 The laundry has 3 sections. These are: 1 - Delivery and Collection bay, 2- Washing and tumble drying, 3- Clean linen storage area
2 The Laundry may only be entered by Laundry staff and cleaners deliverimg laundry from or collecting for cottages
3 Hands must be washed or sanitised on EVERY OCCASION BEFORE entering the laundry
4 Only the LAUNDRY ATTENDANT will be allowed in the washing and clean linen storage areas
5 Additional LAUNDRY ATTENDANTS will be appointed if required BUT social distancing will be practiced
6 PPE will be worn at all times while doing laundry
7 All surfaces, machines, tumble driers, baskets etc. will be wiped down with disinfectant before each washing cycle is commenced
8 Machine doors and lids and wash baskets are to be wiped down inside and outside
9 Covid-19 requires that special disinfectant be used in the washing process and this will be explained by Management
10 Drying lines will be wiped down with disinfectant before washing taken from machines can be hung
11 Soiled linen is to be placed in laundry bags by cleaners and taken to the laundry
12 Cleaning staff may not enter the washing or clean linen areas of the laundry.
13 Linen for washing is to be placed on the table in the laundry delivery and collection bay for removal by the LAUNDRY ATTENDANT
14 Only washing to be put in machines will be moved from th bay to the laundry
15 Washing removed from the line will be placed in separate disinfected containers awating ironing or tumble drying
16 Ironing surfaces will be disinfected before ironing commences
17 Before clean linen is placed in the clean laundry storage area, the laundry attendant will remove PPE
18 Ironed and tumble dried linen will be placed in the clean linen area only by the LAUNDRY ATTENDANT
19 Linen required for cleaned cottages will be placed in containers on tables by the LAUNDRY ATTENDANT for collection by the cleaning staff
20 Laundry floors will be washed with a solution containing diinfectant at the end of each day worked

Gardens and Grounds
1 Staff must not come into contact with guests.
2 If staff are working in an area where a guest needs to pass or wishes to walk, sit etc., staff must move/take action to be a minimum of 3 meters away from such guest
3 Staff will be allocated duties each day after screening
4 Work will be arranged such that social distancing can be maintained
5 Appropriate PPE will be used and masks must be on hand at all times should it be necessary to have a discussion with any person
6 Tools and equipment must be wiped down with disinfectant before being used
7 Tools and equipment must be cleaned after use or at the end of the day

Staff accommodation and ablutions
1 Staff will stay in their allocated houses on Cheerio AND MAY NOT GO HOME
2 Should any staff wish to go home at a month end, they will require prior permission from Management and must obey all Covid-19 travel regulations
3 Staff must stay in their houses and NOT VISIT OTHER STAFF living on the farm or in the area
4 Staff must maintain social distancing of 2 meters from other staff at all times, except with their spouses.
5 All staff MUST wear a mask when not in their house/room
6 Staff may not share a kitchen with other households' occupants and if necessary must have different food preparation times
7 Staff may not use the ablution facilities at the same time. A SCHEDULE MUST BE ESTABLISHED for use of these facilities
8 Before using the ablution facilities, the person MUST DISINFECT all door handles, taps, toilets and any other item that someone may have touched
9 A staff member will be allocated to wash ablution floors each morning with a disinfectant solution
10 Any staff member showing symptoms of the virus will have to self isolate in the room provided and undertake the legally required testing

Staff Training and Protocol

Our staff members have been briefed about the nature and severity of COVID-19 and related viruses to ensure the safety of themselves and our guests.

PPE (Personal protective equipment)

The use of Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory at our premises. This may include the use of face masks, face shields and gloves.

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures

We use cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses in all areas accessible to staff and guests. This applies to all areas including guest rooms, public areas, dining areas and staff quarters.

Check-in Procedure

Our check-in procedure may include specific health and safety protocols such as completing a health questionnaire, having temperature taken and sanitising of hands.


We have adopted an in-house laundry protocol to ensure the efficient disinfecting of bedding, re-useable face masks and garments.